When I was eight, DAC gained promotion to the first Czechoslovak division, the highest competition level in the former federation. Two years later came the biggest achievement in the club’s history, the Czechoslovak Cup victory. It was a beautiful period, with some quality football in front of a permanently sold-out stadium. The enthusiastic crowd created an incredible atmosphere; the attendance of around ten thousand was incredible when compared to the number of inhabitants of our small town - 25.000. For years, ours was the most successful club in the eastern part of the federation, and its stadium was the venue of several memorable matches. Unforgettable was the visit of famous Bayern Munich in 1988, which nowadays sounds unbelievable. The number of spectators on that day, unofficially twenty thousand, officially 15.572, is the biggest crowd of people ever gathered together for one single event far and wide.


In last couple of years, the football has become a business, which requires money, a lot of money. Our agricultural region has never been wealthy and due to its restricted financial possibilities, our club has become a mediocre competitor. Today, the blue and yellow - the official colours of our club - are as grey as they have never been during the last 25 years. It is a miracle we still found ourselves in the second division, though all costs are covered by the town hall. The plaudits go to the representatives of the city government, but as long as no strong shareholder takes over, the future cannot get better. However, one of the biggest and most beautiful stadiums in Slovakia, and the football-loving crowd deserves a high level team.


In 2004, we celebrated the 100’s anniversary of organized football in our town. At the occasion of this wonderful jubilee, I felt the need to contribute to the increased interest to our club’s history, and present it to all generations in an up-to-date manner, via Internet. This web page presents the articles and photos published in newspapers and journals, as well as a number of photos and statistical overviews not published so far. I wish you a plenty of pleasant moments while browsing through these pages. (nk, July 2005)


The information and photos published are mainly adopted from following sources:

Books, publications:

Brányik Sándor - Sidó Ferenc: „A dunaszerdahelyi futball 100 éve (1904-2004)“

Batta György: „Ki a jobb? A DAC!“


ÚJ SZÓ - www.ujszo.sk

ŠPORT - www.denniksport.sk

SME - www.futbal.sme.sk

PRAVDA - www.futbal.pravda.sk















NEWS - the current season presented through newspaper articles and photos


THE CLUB - basic information about the club, e.g. contacts, previous names, greatest achievements


SQUAD - list of trainers and all players in the current season, with stats - number of games/minutes/goals (in HISTORY section, you will find a similar list for each season since 1980/81)


2013/14 - all games and result of the current season, with hyperlink to more information about each game


INTERVIEWS - players, coaches, officials answering our question


YOUTH - all DAC youth teams, complete squads, results and news


HALL OF FAME - biggest achievements and most memorable games


STATISTICS - players, coaches, results, spectators from several aspects – you’ll surely find what you are looking for!


Click on HISTORY and you get back to the past of our football club. All official games played during last 25 years are listed, with basic information. You’ll also find the list of players and coaches in each season. This section is gradually growing in contents – lots of memorable games deserve more than just a simple summary of basic data. Similarly, the further past will also be presented in the next few weeks.


STADIUM - data and photos of the CITY GROUND


DUNAJSKÁ STREDA - presents the life of our town and its inhabitants through a list of webpages


LINKS - list of football web pages (news, clubs, players, national & international organizations)


FANZONE - section for the fans, about the fans, prepared with the fans


FORUM - lint to DAC fans' Forum




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Did you know....

- Ján Kapko played the biggest number of games for DAC in 1st league - 204. But who scored the most goals in both 1st and 2nd divisions respectively?

- The highest attendance was 15.572 for the 1988 UEFA Cup match against Bayern Munich.

- Dunajská Streda was the venue of most home games. But our team was also forced to play its home games in Veľký Meder and Šaľa, too.

- Karol Pecze was the longest-serving coach (5 seasons, 150 league games), but Juraj Szikora led the team in more games (152).

- Domonkos Tibor scored the first goal in second league on 9 August 1980. In the first league, the honour belongs to Juraj Majoros, who scored against Žilina on 8 September 1985

- Ladislav Tóth scored 68 goals in 106 appearances in the 2nd league!


This is just a short overview of what you can find on the www.fcdac1904.com webpage.



If you have any comments regarding this web page, or you have any materials and data not published here, or you are the owner of any memorabilia that can be presented in the future VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF DAC, please feel free to contact: info@fcdac1904.com